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There is a figurative approach to my sculpture with a  reflection on the influences of religious iconography and the art works familiar to me from my childhood. To draw and to carve people and dreams in stone, model with clay and fuse hot glass are all ways ofI have been exploring materials; using my hands to create forms which come into being. They arrived here from the disturbance of longing within me.

I am never truly happy in the established conventions of my life time here on earth; I hear that I have been here many many times before. The antidote was in the creative use of mind and body until I felt that I have stepped upon a path that has a light breathing for me and with me. It lights up the things that are hindering me; fears, desires and illusions.There is the light of the new and the remembering burning in my heart and I must feed it and keep it alight. There is no urgency only delight and reverence found in the stillness.

Since 2015 I have travelled to more than 50 countries around the world and crossed every ocean and sea, and the 8 months away from family and ‘home’ opened a door to a daily practice of meditation and yoga. Philosophy alone cannot satisfy us but with art and mindfulness it is possible to demonstrate right effort, right action with love and compassion. To be creative is to connect with life, it answers questions and challenges beliefs.

Through my sculptures and woodland installations and writings I can tell you about the majesty of the oceans, remind you what it is like to stop in an area profuse with flowers, waking as the sun rises, changing the colours of everything and warming the land. To create is to be a witness to life, to be alive: Earth, the most exotic and rich of places is a living and moving world to love, protect and enjoy.

My own native landscape is the woodland where there is a direct connection to the earth and my  dream world. It is it the shape of the tree I find endearing,  it is the shadow its branches drop upon the earth and the sky that breathes it’s light far beyond my dreams. There spirit waits whilst I hold my breath, drawing me in, spirit lifts me, gentle moves me on the wind. The reassuring presence of a tree tells me, reminds me of the strength I have been born with and the power I hesitate to use. The tree is my stronghold and the imprint of those who lived here once, hovers above the earth and found in the shadows are their footprints.

Home is history and people, a change of perspective, it is nature and having a home to return to that enables me to take the most difficult of journeys.  This is where I honour and remember all generations that have gone before me and will be reborn in generations to come. I am the creations that I make, the vision and the emotions that flow, but the sculptures they are not mine.

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