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Warton Hall Studio

I completed a BA Degree in Design and Surface Pattern in 2000 at UCLAN, wife and mother of five children. Here I learnt about contemporary art and worked alongside other creative people and the most amazing thing was the oportunity to work with glass. My disertation was ‘Hand to Hand’ reflecting on the history of the chalice. The ideas I produced at this time grew from the many hours each day I spent washing and ironing clothes in the role of mother and homemaker. My laundry became the place to think and to plan, my sketches and notes covered the walls and hung from the clothes rack. Ironing became art and art became my friend, I was part of many rituals.

When I finished at university I opened an art gallery in my home town, Lytham.                      The ‘artlounge’ Gallery grew with exhibitions, art and craft classes, community and school projects and during this time I sold my own work, and the work of over 180 other artists.

In 2010 I returned to UCLAN and completed a Masters Degree in Design and Ceramics my exhibition pieces were mostly ceramic, with some inclusion of glass. The title of my disertation was, ‘Is there Spirit in art and if so is devotion needed to realize this presence? How does this relate to my own creative practice. 

In first seeking success in the world of art I studied and investigated form and surface through drawing and learning techniques to manipulate and create with glass, clay and stone. Light and shadow, colour and surface continuously play on my mind encouraging forms to emerge. The heart of my creative endeavours are bound in, knowledge, truth and the joy of making.

2010 I began drawing portraits and carving sculptures in stone, one sculpture each year during a 3-4 week vacation in France.

2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 Open Gardens with the National Garden Scheme for charity. Opening our woodland garden for charity brought all aspects of my life together, Art, meditation and nature.

2018 Sculptures cast in Bronze with the Morris Singer Foundry UK

2018 Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Entry

2019 Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Entry


2011-2015  FUSED KILN FORMED GLASS  ‘Garden Series’  exhibited and sold in Galerie Atelier 25 in Chinon, the Loire Valley, France.

2014 FUSED KILN FORMED GLASS SERIES  ‘Reflections of the Sea’ relating to my travels by ship to Asia for 4 months.

2017 FUSED KILN FORMED GLASS Heaton Arts Trail Stockport Manchester.

2018 FUSED KILN FORMED GLASS SERIES ‘Dreams’                                                        Exhibited Heritage Centre Lytham,                                                                                                      2018 BRONZE SCULPTURES  Lytham Heritage Centre, Warton Hall Open Gardens Event.

2019 BRONZE SCULPTURES AND DREAMS IN GLASS Belmont House Stockport Manchester. Warton Hall Open Gardens Event.

2019 BRONZE SCULPTURES – KILN FORMED GLASS – INSTALLATIONS IN THE WOODLAND Warton Hall Lytham Lancashire, Open gardens with the NGS for charity.



I feel  I am always learning something new which guides and promotes ways of expression. What I feel and what I know and what I want to say to the world comes  through my hands. For many years craft skills from my childhood seemed enough, knitting a jumper, sewing a quilt, throwing a pot, painting a stilllife and such like and then I wanted more ways to release the thoughts and feelings that raced through my head. I returned to education in 1997 and learn printing, painting, drawing, ceramics and art history at our local college, and then I could not stop.

As a child there was much time spent with the family being creative. My father, a doctor was a truly gifted artist and musician. He painted from life, landscapes and people, he expressed his love of life with clay and sculpting with cardboard and paper mache. We visited galleries in the UK and France, at the age of six in Le Louvre I fell in love with Monet and his huge paintings of Water lillies. My father introduced me to all the great Masters and they have stayed with me all of my life, and he has too as I continue imagining and expressing myself with different materials and in different ways. My mother the best of homemakers the world could wish for taught me the skills of sewing, knitting, baking, cooking, cleaning, design and appreciation of beautiful fabrics and fashion design. On leaving school I followed my heart and went to study PE and Art at I M Marsh PE College in Liverpool. I taught for a few years, married and had a family.