Welcome to total-art, showing the latest editions of my own art and creative work and new to the site, I will now promote the Events taking place in Warton Hall Gardens and Art Studio, Lytham Lancashire.
Since I last wrote I have travelled around the world for 4 months, across all our great oceans, seen the stars of the southern hemisphere for the first time and met so many beautiful people of all the countries I have visited, with their amazingly varied cultures: it was an adventure of great magnitude. Such events live long in your heart and for me the affect has plaved on the way I live and work today. Yes, after a break of 14 months, work has begun again in my beautiful new studio. The restorations on our home, Warton Hall have been progressing all this time with extensive development in the gardens and woodland. It has been such a joy and an inspiration to work alongside garden designer Robert Ketchell on the new Japanese style water garden and the Dry Garden too.

The gardens are looking incredible with the recent addition of a Water Garden and river course, the planting of trees and shrubs are extensive.  It has been a very busy 6 months finishing the new landscaping ready for May when we open the gardens for the second time for the National Garden Scheme, (we opened in 2015) with visiting artists and a whole programme of workshops and classes.
My creative genes over these past months have led me in directions away from my own art space at home and to the local Forge where I have been designing pieces in steel for the garden. Working with metal is very rewarding and some of the results are now sitting happily in the garden.

Last summer I carved another sculpture in stone to join the collection of the past 5 years that I have steadily built. I love the weeks working along side artists from Germany France and Holland, we chip away in our different styles in the sunshine. Then in the evenings some of us meet in the pottery studioand throw lots of pots, this aspect of creativity is more social and the wonderful french wines contribute to a more relaxed approach to my art.

I continue with the study of philosophy, reading, writing, meditation and yoga.

I have also completed Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Drumming of which I practice every day.

On the home front we now have 7 grand children and 2 more due later this year, we are blessed with a busy household filled with love laughter and lots of creativity.