The National Garden Scheme Open Gardens 2017 taking place in the gardens of Warton Hall was an astounding success both for the visitors and the all those involved in its creation. The bluebells  which you all came to see captivated everyone carpeting the woodland floor as far as the eye could see. Now they have faded and we hope will appear again next year.

The art and installations in the woodland and gardens were greatly appreciated, which of course both encourages and inspires the artists to create new work and to return to Warton Hall in the future. Sales in the Gallery have increased this year and the commission received from these sales has contributed towards the purchase of James Jones’s Stainless Steel 7 Chakras piece hanging in the Weeping Hornbeam tree in the centre of the lawn. We are delighted to announce thw continuation of  Outdoor Yoga Classes in the future and a list of dates will follow shortly.

The tearoom was the hub of the garden where chatter and the clinking of cups filled the air and the smiles of all the wonderful voluteers greeted each and every visitor. Cakes were baked by a team of dedicated ladies who kept up with the demand by baking every day. We did not anticipate the number of cakes that would be consumed. The new NGS merchandice arrived on the last Saturday prior to its launch later this month, which meant we were able to wear the lovely bright newly designed yellow aprons.

The new Art Studio saw the start of classes and Workshops taking place every day over the 9 days. There was Drawing, Copper foiling with Glass, Modern Calligraphy and Yoga. Many of the classes were full and the feedback was very encouraging. To keep up with the demand there was an extra ‘Pop Up’ Yoga Session and third Calligraphy Class. There will be a further programme of classes beginning next week with a Follow up Class of Modern Calligraphy and the following week a new Beginners Class in Modern Calligraphy. All booking can be secured by paying on line from the website.

We were honoured by a visit from Devon by Robrt Ketchell who gave a most facinating talk on the Gardens of Japan and afterwards he answered questions from the audience. Robert designed and led the team of great craftsmen employed here at the Hall to constuct and plant the most beautiful Japanese ware garden and our very unique ‘Bluebell’ Japanese style Dry Garden with its collection of Scotish glacial boulders.

The Neama Junior School Charity that David and I support is connected with our daughter in law Zippy who many of you met in the gardens. She was born in Kenya and her family run a small school for the children of their Massai community. We support a feeding programme that runs all year round but is especially well receved during the annual months of drought. Your purchases of the handmade art brought from her village will be greatly appreciated. We will continue to inform you of any further events. A lovely couple visiting the gardens donated a beautifull carved statue of a Massai Warrior which we raffled.

There are areas where we know we can make improvements to the smooth running of such an event and over the coming year we will be making plans for next time. The final figures for money raised by you all for the charities will follow soon.

Thank you for joining us here at Warton Hall and making the 2017 NGS Open Garden Scheme such a success. Private Gardens will be opening throughout the year, for more information please visit the