3 04, 2019



Warton Hall WARTON HALL PRIVATE GARDENS NATIONAL GARDEN SCHEME OPEN GARDENS CHARITY EVENT 4TH, 5TH, 6TH MAY OPEN TO ALL £4 ON THE GATE 3RD MAY TICKET ONLY BOOK ONLINE £10 (no children) www.total-art.co.uk Friday is the opportunity to wander in the gardens with a smaller number of visitors. 10am - 5pm DAILY NEW CAR PARK (PADDOCK) IN THE HALL GROUNDS POLITE REMINDER - NO VANS PICNICS DOGS PLEASE NEW 11 Acres of woodland,

29 03, 2017



Welcome to total-art, showing the latest editions of my own art and creative work and new to the site, I will now promote the Events taking place in Warton Hall Gardens and Art Studio, Lytham Lancashire. Since I last wrote I have travelled around the world for 4 months, across all our great oceans, seen the stars of the southern hemisphere for the first time and met so many beautiful people of all the countries I

19 03, 2015

The Garden and Creation


When the sun rises the colours rise too and a new day begins. Each day brings new opportunities to find out about this place we call home. At Warton Hall the renovations are in full swing, with the garages to the front of the house now almost complete and the joining of Holly Cottage into the main house, stripped, scaffolded and ready for the new roof.  This is where the work began. and the raised vegetable beds have been

18 11, 2014

National Garden Scheme 2015 www.ngs.org


In May 2015 I will exhibit my glass, stone and ceramic art and sculptures in Warton Hall woodland gardens along with other artists . There will be opportunities for the public to meet the artists and take part in different activities like drawing and painting in the garden as well as outdoor meditation.  Activities for our young people will include art and craft activities and story telling in our tepee. Warton Hall is now associated with The National Garden Scheme for Lancashire,

22 10, 2014

Contemporary Mixed Media Pieces for Interior and Exterior Spaces


I have always been surrounded by art and a love of nature, I came to glass by accident in 1998 and have explored its properties and played with it ever since. It is this science that often leads my ideas experimenting in my studio with surfaces and textures. I first have a sculptural approach to my art with drawings and photographs and then I choose my materials, glass is selected for its transparent, translucent or opaque

22 09, 2014

Victoria Baths Exhibition


Victoria Baths Exhibition 2014 in the Changing Cubicles CGS Northern Hub held their latest exhibition in the Victoria Baths, Manchester's Water Palace on of Britain's ongoing  restoration projects. It opened to the public in 1906 and today you can still see its beautiful stained glass windows, terracotta and mosaic tiles. Each year they have a special programme of installations and events. My new collection of glass and metal pieces were exhibited in two of