I have always been surrounded by art and a love of nature, I came to glass by accident in 1998 and have explored its properties and played with it ever since. It is this science that often leads my ideas experimenting in my studio with surfaces and textures.

I first have a sculptural approach to my art with drawings and photographs and then I choose my materials, glass is selected for its transparent, translucent or opaque qualities. Colour is secondary to the desire to create a feeling of what I am describing in glass. I like to explore form and surface using a variety of other materials combined with the glass with particular attention to the shadows that form in the surrounding environment.

The techniques I adopt for my art pieces are then transferred to a practical collection of vessels, bowls, platters and dishes.

Water is the inspiration for the Art 2014 Collection, for its qualities of purity, vastness, movement and healing. Abstract compositions evolve through experiments within the kiln which enhance my knowledge of materials and techniques and my desire to be an inventor in the contemporary crafts world.

The heart of my creative endeavors are bound in, knowledge, truth and the joy of making.