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Personal Profile/Personal Attributes

  • Art and creativity are a main focus to my daily life. I enjoy exploring new ideas, forms, and techniques using materials which include in the main glass, stone and clay.
  • I look for opportunities to pass on my knowledge, to introduce creative practices closely connected to nature and meditation.
  • I am a positive and encouraging person; creative with my approach to work and working with others.
  • Culture and family play an important role in my life and I enjoy passing on skills I have learnt and the great enthusiasm I have for knowledge and wisdom.


  • Glass casting and fusing
  • Sculptures hand carved in stone
  • Ceramic sculptures, thrown and hand built
  • Photography
  • Poetry and writing
  • I am comfortable in a workshop around machinery and I am familiar with health and safety issues.
  • I have bought, opened and run a successful art related business.
  • Teaching in local schools to individuals and groups.
  • Family and community projects.


  • Exhibiting and selling my work in two galleries in France.
  • MA in Ceramics 2012
  • Set up my own studio with glass and ceramic facilities.
  •  BA in Surface Pattern and Glass in 2001
  •  I have subsequently been selected for 3 Master Classes at North Lands Glass Studios in Caithness Scotland, working alongside world class glass artists from around the world.
  • artlounge Gallery, an Art Centre which I established and ran for 3 years, selling art, teaching adults and children art and craft related activities. With special attention to the community, GCSE and A Level Students. Over 180 artists exhibited and sold their work with opportunities for Solo and Group Exhibitions.
  • Learning Support Worker for children in the Care. I worked in the children’s homes and in schools where young people were on the verge of being expelled from school, encouraging and inspiring these children to use art, sports and gardening to assist them in their often turbulent lives.
  • PE and Art teacher, having gained a BEd. Degree in 1979, I have continued to teach in many different roles and environments.

Recent Career History

  • Assisting ceramics sessions at Art in Action 2013 Waterperry England
  • Studio Artist and Designer 2001-2013
  • Leading Creativity sessions at my Studio 2012/2013
  • Teaching one day Workshops in schools or community buildings.

Education and qualifications

  • MA Ceramic 2012
  • Master Class with Ivana Sramkova and Angela Thwaites at North Lands Glass 2011
  • Master Class with David Reekie at North Lands Glass 2010
  • Master Class with Kaffe Fassett and Steve Klien at North Lands Glass 2009
  • artlounge Gallery – Owner/Manager/Teacher 2001-2004
  • BA Surface Pattern and Glass 2001
  • Art Access Foundation 1998/99
  • Licentiate in Photography 1990/91
  • BEd. Education, PE and Art 1976-1979
  • ‘A’ Levels in English, Art, Ceramics, Life Drawing, Painting, Printing and Art History 1976, 1998/99

Hobbies / Interests

  • Travel, especially visiting historical sites.
  • Philosophy and meditation, reading, writing, photography.
  • Galleries and Exhibitions.
  • Walking, swimming, cycling, yoga and pilates.


  • Gallery Richelieu Loire Valley France 2011/2013
  • UCLAN 2012
  • UCLAN Preston Gallery 2010
  • Slides Gallery Lytham 2010/2011
  • Harris Museum and Art Gallery Preston 2007
  • artlounge Gallery Lytham 2001-2004
  • New Designers London 2001
  • Platform Gallery Clitheroe 2001
  • UCLAN Preston 2001

Personal Details

  • Nicola Thompson
  • Warton Hall, Lodge Lane, Lytham. Lancashire FY8 5RP
  • 6 Le Chene Billault, Richelieu Vienne 86200 France
  • Tel: Home 01253 734627  Tel: Mobile 07801 669 643
  • Website
  • References are available on request.



I am interested in the spiritual within art and sculpture. Sacred sites and landscapes today still offer us the wisdom of ancient cultures and peoples. I have recently finished an MA in Design, Ceramics and Glass which involved visiting many different holy and historic sites.  I was aware that to stand and observe was as important as to ask questions and it was in consciousness that I gained inspiration for my body of work and of course  a sense of my culture. History needs continuity and the study of religion is a vibrant way of looking back at traditions, rituals and beliefs. Through shared human experience it is possible to embrace what one may call Sacred and another would call spiritual.

 Everything that is life; the wisdom of learning, the beauty of our planet, humour, courage and devotion to art is creativity. The actions of our ancestors are our building blocks and through the development of craft skills and imagination we as artists of our time will respond to what we find around us.

My art is an act of devotion, through attention and concentration, giving freely without expecting anything in return I have found profound peace. All types of devotion are about ‘love’, truth and self-giving without attachment.

Art is fearful of nothing, it is something new that often we do not understand, I cannot imagine the world without art. Art is a way of communicating between cultures. It is an experience from within and without, self expression, the truest identity of each person,

The ego can hinder our vision and our freedom to learn when it is the forefront of everything we do. Letting go of the ego is a wonderful freeing process which enables us to let our inner spirit, our intuition take over.

Throughout the world and its many cultures and religions there are objects made by man that were not intended as art but functional pieces within the lives of the people. These include icons, relics, amulets, shrines and water fonts, these have been my inspiration.

Universal Prayer

Take clay in my hands feel the earth, shape it and form it, each vessel the weight of a woman’s heart. Whatever is happening in this world is a projection of the heart. As each vessel is made my thoughts are for all women of this world united. These small vessels of mine hold exactly a teaspoon of water; water is precious to us all but some of us never want for it, others walk for 8 hours each day to collect enough water to keep their families alive for that day. When I rest one of these vessels in the palm of my hand, I am reminded of our universal connections and that water is life for us all.

The name we call spiritual may be different for different people and our affiliation with religion can cover a varied and contradictory field but it cannot be denied by those who look at art that art in its purest form contains something that cannot easily be described in words. My MA pilgrimage has taken me to many inspiring places and for my creative practice I have learnt the importance of devotion, resolution and reason in keeping my heart open to all that is possible.