Lytham Arts festival is 9 days of music, art, literature and dance in and around Lytham town centre. There are events and activities every day for both adults and children and of course there are plenty of wonderful restaurants and cafes to eat in and best of all there is the sea and the beach, a promenade to walk along, parks to play and to rest a while.



10AM – 5PM








Getting ready for the weekend chairs on the lawn after Paul has mowed the grass everything smelling wonderful. The sun has shone for days and Scarlett has taken her hand to croquet. We have kites to hang and the paddling pool to fill. Jackie has the cakes in the oven and we have bought all the ingredients for the Rocky road and flapjacks. The scones we will bake on the day.







Scarlett setting up the croquet set.

Artists are bringing some new work and we have had fun placing them in the woodland and around the garden.

I have been working with some bamboo poles that we harvested from our garden in Richelieu in the Loire Valley; on day we were there and the bamboo was 30cm high and a dozen stalks and8 weeks later we had a small forest over 1.5m high. So what do you do, we.. of course make something out of it….what a gift from nature.

The theme for the Arts Festival is Seaside so I am working on spirals from shells which will then mingle with the plant life and become part of the woodland.

Ive also used some large branches to make a loom and have been weaving, there are ladders too with glass elements.

I had a disaster this week with a firing in the kiln it was full of pieces and ceramic moulds, the temperature went up to 1280 degrees and melted the glass and the moulds to the kiln shelves. Alas all was lost though 3 very interesting kiln shelves and a lovely trip to Pilling Pottery for supplies and lunch in there great courtyard

with Francesca, Scarlett and Hunter.







The work on the house is going well the new roof is going on this week, beautiful oak beams were craned into place and Isabelle got to watch and sit in the cab….it was my day to do the school run.



The Loom

















Spirals in Bamboo


I have another ‘Safe Places’ for you to explore and the Bog Garden is really developing, its so interested watching the birds and the insects enjoying the water and the mud too, our climate of sunshine and rain is so good for this type of gardening.

There will be Story Telling in the tipi each day and lots of space for the children to play. The woodlands looks very different now in June and July so much more foliage on the trees and where the bluebells carpeted the floor we can walk feely and sit under trees and have a closer look at the art and nature. This time of year is a time for light and shadow, sunshine and a gentle breeze, days of rain that brings it all to life and intensifies colour and form ready for the next day of sitting contemplating, chatting with family and friends with a glass of something cool.