And so the people came to visit the garden and the woodland, to see the Bluebells and the trees: and they were just spectacular. The sun shone and the Tea Room was a buzz of chatter and chinking of tea cups with so many cakes it was difficult to choose which one to eat. Those that came to help welcomed everyone at the gate and helped with parking, served in the Tea Room and sold gifts and art in the Gallery Shop.

The pathways wind through the woods with Bluebells scattered in every direction as far as the eye can see. The sound of children’s laughter in the bird hide and on the ship, as they ran to find the beautiful red ladybirds hidden and Stickman and his Stick Lady Love and his stick children three. Story Telling in the tipi was a favourite of children and adults alike, many remembering their own childhood favourites and reading to each other new stories of this time.

Walking across the bridge over the bog garden and sitting on a bench under the willow where there was a chance for quiet contemplation. Drawing boards and pencils left by the picture frame kept people busy and their works of art were hung on the wall in the Tea Room.

Artists worked in the vegetable garden showing their skills. Catherine my sister carded a fleece and made felt, Michelle painted the flowers, Jane quilted and Alex carved wooden spoons, it was a delight to see them at their work.

The art and sculptures along the woodland path created intrigue for the visitors and many purchases were made in the Gallery Shop in the conservatory.

David and I are delighted to have shared our garden with our neighbours, friends, garden and art lovers alike. We look forward to sharing our next venture with you all soon.